We’re citizens of the world.
With our hearts in Vienna.

We are an experienced team whose employees and networking partners come from Austria, Germany, Spain, and Sweden. We are strategists, organizers, contributors, implementers, mentors, and doers. As diverse as our backgrounds may be, we have one thing in common: a passion for excellence. Every day we face the challenges – large and small – of planning and organizing top-quality business events. We know that effective teamwork is the way to make your event successful. We are ENITED.

This is what we look like and what we do, which is why we can’t imagine doing any other job in the world:

  • Ivo J. Franschitz

    Owner & Managing Director
    “To me, being passionate about something means not being satisfied with the first result that comes along. It means aiming at the best result.”

  • 150126_SHOOTING_WEBBilder_Rosa2

    Rosa B. Reyero Miguelez

    Owner & Senior Consultant
    “When you have a good idea, you should share it with other people. Then it can grow into something great.”

  • 150126_SHOOTING_WEBBilder_Henrik_628x664px

    Henrik von Arnold

    Senior Consultant
    “Listening carefully to our customers and inspiring them anew each day – that’s my favorite challenge.”


    María Teresa Yagüe Martín

    Junior Consultant
    “Authenticity is magnetic. You can collect details, approaches, wisdom, etc. from outside, but they must then turn into something truly unique.”

  • Elisabeth Hansa

    Elisabeth Hansa | Support & Strategy On Demand

    ENITED Network of Excellence
    “Professionalism is the biggest asset to stand out of the crowd and must be the ultimate goal for all of us. To achieve this, I like to share all my knowledge, experience, network and passion.”