Important events need a big kickoff.
And the right coach.

Our lectures, workshops, and training sessions provide essential insights into the strategizing, planning, and implementation of professional events. This gives you an overview of major trends and recent developments, along with tips on smart, efficient organization. By understanding the key factors behind successful events, you’ll be equipped to meet the challenges of planning and implementing large-scale and complex gatherings.


Officially, we advise you.
Unofficially, we inspire you.

It is productivity combined with an inspiring atmosphere that makes for a successful event. Early on, we help you set the stage to ensure that your ideas are perfectly executed. After all, an outstanding result isn’t a coincidence; it’s based on strategic planning and efficient processes. The theme, content, positioning, program concept, and process planning must all fit together like the pieces of a puzzle.


We love great successes.
And all the details that make them possible.

Proper planning is the foundation of a great event. Are there enough high-quality hotel rooms? Does the keynote speaker start promptly? Are the loudspeakers working? What if things don’t go according to plan? All these details add up. We take on the logistical challenges because we know: inspiring, error-free, and reliable implementation will allow your event to achieve its full impact. It’s ultimately the small things that pave the way for big ideas.

As initiators and hosts, the ENITED team offers you support in two different ways: in a mentoring and supervisory capacity and in an implementation capacity.