We’re citizens of the world.
With our hearts in Vienna.

We are an experienced team whose employees and networking partners come from Austria, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden. We are strategists, organizers, contributors, implementers, mentors, and doers. As diverse as our backgrounds may be, we have one thing in common: a passion for excellence. Every day we face the challenges – large and small – of creating and sharing top-quality services and solutions. We know that effective teamwork is the way to make your project successful. We are ENITED.

This is what we look like and what we do, which is why we can’t imagine doing any other job in the world:

  • Ivo J. Franschitz

    Owner & Managing Director

    “To me, being passionate about something means not being satisfied with the first result that comes along. It means aiming at the best result.”

  • 150126_SHOOTING_WEBBilder_Rosa2

    Rosa B. Reyero Miguelez

    Owner & Senior Consultant

    “When you have a good idea, you should share it with other people. Then it can grow into something great.”

  • René Marcel Wiese


    “There is nothing more inspiring and satisfying than to see a concept turn into something magical. Seeing people’s faces light up with joy, amazement and satisfaction is the ultimate fulfillment for a creator. This is what I call magic.”

  • 150126_SHOOTING_WEBBilder_Henrik_628x664px

    Henrik von Arnold

    Former Director of the Göteborg and Stockholm Convention Bureau

    ENITED Network of Excellence
    “Listening carefully to our customers and inspiring them anew each day – that’s my favorite challenge.”

  • Bernhard Bauer

    Bernhard Bauer

    Strategist & Researcher for Tourism, Sustainability and Heritage

    ENITED Network of Excellence
    “When you think you are doing good, you always can do better and improve yourself with self-reflection, sharing and asking for feedback!”

  • Gorazd Cad

    Gorazd Cad

    Co-Founder at CONVENTA

    ENITED Network of Excellence
    “I don’t want boring meetings anymore! Do something that’s never been done! A great idea will always sound crazy or impossible to some people. These are the cornerstones that guide me when creating experiences and represent the core of “Power to the Meetings”. Viva la revolución!”

  • Ulf Gassner

    Ulf Gassner

    Managing Partner of CONCEPT X

    ENITED Network of Excellence
    “Getting to the heart of things is my attidtude and goal. Since it is very difficult from an internal perspective to think outside the box and detach from the status quo, sparring at leadership level is so powerful.”

  • Andreas Göltl

    Andreas Göltl

    CEO of Media Apparat

    ENITED Network of Excellence
    “I am always keen to be given new, exciting tasks and to solve them. To be challenged every day and to develop innovative, new concepts with my team.”

  • Gerrit Jessen

    Gerrit Jessen CED CMM CMP

    Consultant & Trainer for Event Design and CX Management

    ENITED Network of Excellence
    “There are two important rules in my professional playbook:
    #1 First listen to understand before you answer.
    #2 A vision without execution remains hallucination.”

  • Mariska Kesteloo

    Mariska Kesteloo

    Founder of Word of MICE

    ENITED Network of Excellence
    “I’m passionate about storytelling and entrepreneurship. I love sharing my personal and professional experience and to support others within the industry.”

  • Patrick Meny

    Patrick Meny

    CEO & Creative Director of Bureau Bald

    ENITED Network of Excellence
    “I want to create a solid foundation for our customers’ projects with innovative design solutions.
    Effective and satisfactory cooperation are always my main priorities – for our customers and team members.”