Ivo Franschitz

20 Years, on a personal note.

Ivo Franschitz

Although I prefer to live in the present and look forward to the future, there are those moments in life when looking at the past gives you a great sense of achievement and huge satisfaction. Such a unique moment is happening right now. It is time for me to pause and make some self-reflection.

Personal Happiness.

20 years ago my partner Rosa B. Reyero Miguelez and I, decided to take our business destiny in our own hands, and became entrepreneurs.
It was in March 1998, after working already for some time in the Business events industry, that we started our journey of self-determination and independence.
With a healthy mixture of conviction, confidence and ignorance, and a lot of youthful enthusiasm and energy – In modern lingo you would call it “Having/Showing the Grit” to pursue and live your personal beliefs – we set out for our personal destination. Our aim, beyond and far more important than the standard benchmarks of success, was actually our personal happiness.


And what a journey it has been so far!
Countless experiences of joy & happiness, moments of frustration & disappointment, great opportunities & painful challenges. All of them part in our continuous learning curve in business. All of them reasons to get up in the morning, facing yourself in the bathroom mirror, and feeling good about what you do for living.

Honestly, Rosa and I, we could have done without a few and, in hindsight, have even avoided some of those moments. But in exactly those specific situations of disappointment, weakness and doubt, when we have realized that any pursue of personal goals can never be achieved alone. You need a team of like-minded people, who are there to support you and stay with you, for better or worse, and in good and in bad times.

We truly feel privileged to call on such a team of people, who we trust. We value their honest input and their view with different perspective. All of them long-time business associates and friends, both from within our industry and outside, with whom we have shared many of those moments & many of our stories.

Our conclusion after 20 years of those kinds of relationships: only by sharing your journey you will achieve your personal happiness.


Back in the present time, and looking ahead, with those extra 20 years “under our eyes”, we realise it is the continuous element of sharing our journey that provides us with the necessary energy & strength. Is exactly what we need for our recent company relaunch, our brand-new ENITED identity, strategy and the new path we are following in pursue of our personal happiness.

Concluding this personal note, we want to send a BIG thank you to all those business associates & friends. There is no need to start the name-dropping, because you all know who we are referring to. Thank you for your support, helping us to stay on course in our journey!