Ivo Franschitz

For once, centre stage.

Ivo Franschitz

For the second year in a row, the Austrian Live Marketing industry has come together very recently, to celebrate some of its leaders and masterminds in the Austrian Event Hall of Fame, during a glamorous and entertaining Gala evening.

Initiated and organized by the Event Marketing Board Austria (EMBA), the Austrian Event Hall of Fame recognizes the innovators and visionaries in our business through this annual event. It does create a unique stage where those exceptional professionals in our trade are called on centre stage, for once, and receive the well-deserved attention and appreciation in the broader public.

The inductees into this Hall of Fame are nominated and chosen by an unbiased jury panel of experts and are showcasing the wide range and diversity of Live Marketing involvement in our today’s society. This year the laureates were from the areas of culture, sports and destination marketing.

More than just a Party event.

However, the message of our industry goes beyond that celebration. It demonstrates and emphasizes the vital role Live Marketing plays in our experience-driven and multi-connected world. It has become an essential marketing tool, an economic driver and an impulse generator for a numerous business sectors.

To this end, key economic figures confirm those facts. Only in Austria alone, the Live Marketing industry generates annually more than 14 Billion Euro of production value, creates over 105.000 jobs and more than 7 Billion Euro of GDP. It initiates over 1,4 Billion of net consumption and contributes 2,4 Billion Euro of taxes & dues. A very loud & clear message.

Over the last few years, our reputation as an industry and as a profession has slowly been catching up with those indisputable economical facts. However, the need remains to continuously educate and increase the public awareness and the proper understanding for our business.

We do need more platforms and “stages” of that kind, like the Austria Event Hall of Fame initiative.