Rosa B. Reyero Miguelez

IN- or OUTsourcing? The Future of Business events.

Rosa B. Reyero Miguelez

Already eight weeks into the New Year 2017 and right from the start we have been busy with several business events in Austria. I like to mention just two of them, as they are pertinent to this blog. A high-end, exclusive customer relationship event for selected guests, requested by an Austrian organisation in the field of Medicine, and one of the biggest international sport movement for people with intellectual disabilities, the Special Olympics International. This project, the SO World Winter Games 2017 will take place in Styria in March. Stay tuned for more on that unique event in one of our upcoming blogs.

On my blog of today I want to pick-up on the ongoing debate about OUTsourcing versus INsourcing, when it comes to Business Events. About finding tactical solutions versus creating strategic opportunities. In our fast and ever-changing market, these two options need a special consideration.

The classical OUTsourcing approach of many event owners and event organizers might appear to be still the most convenient and cost-efficient solution, due to the scarcity of resources like time & money. We are of the opinion that, this option is a quick and foremost short-term fix for a tactical challenge. Driven by the need for reducing cost & maximize time efficiency, the creative, innovative and quality side, however, becomes collateral damage in the process. Many times, the decision to outsource leads to a loss of control over the content, process and final result of the project.

On the other hand, INsourcing entails bringing content and process handled by third-party providers, into the client’s house. It implies that outside experts are hired as consultants and the internal staff thereafter implements their recommendations. It also means getting the necessary knowledge and experience in-house before deciding to outsource, if necessary. This permits the event owner to maintain control of the project and the outcome.

More and more of our clients see us as the consultant who brings that external knowledge and experience in-house, for the whole content & process of a business event. From the initial definition of purpose & content, the creation & design, the decision on resources and process (e.g. bid counselling), to the planning & execution.

Both our above mentioned projects are just two good examples of how the subjects of knowledge and performance management are slowly changing.

After our company relaunch two years ago and the consequent start of our ENITED journey, we have created our own Consulting solutions, in anticipation of these changes.

At ENITED, we are very proud and well prepared to provide the business events solutions of tomorrow. Today.