Anna Sanchis

Personal Goodbye & Hello.

Anna Sanchis

There are times that you feel you need a change, may it be in your career, may it be in your personal life and sometimes those changes go hand in hand, you can’t take one without the other.

After three and a half years of intense work at ENITED, it has come the moment to say goodbye.

Goodbye to Ivo, who being the mastermind behind ENITED’s success has taught me how to be more detail oriented (are those budgets accurate enough? Is that coma in the right place?). He taught me how to keep going even when the rest is on fire, even when all you want to yell to your client is “I AM DONE WITH YOU”. And patience, a lot of it. Him with me, me with the client, the client with… no one. “The client is always right”. Or so it is said.

Goodbye to Henrik, our personal entertainer, the smile of our mornings and the person I love making coffee for the most in the entire world (no one is so thankful as our little-big-Henrik). Because I have learnt a lot from his masterclasses about RFPs and ICCA but also about “how to get a computer-allergic to work with new technologies”. I am going to miss your worldwide stories and your amazing capability to remember anyone’s name & position, and yet, forget on a daily basis where your glasses are.

Goodbye to Rosa, with whom I spent countless hours talking about “paja”, with whom I share a lot of points in common and similar perspective in life. She is what I like to call “street smart”, everything she knows is from experience and keeping herself informed at all times, regardless formality. From her I have learnt that it is ok to be the way you are; strong, independent and feminine. And whoever doesn’t like it, can turn around and go somewhere else.


And to say hello & welcome to María Teresa, who I hope finds her place at ENITED as I did. Who enjoys and appreciates the ups & downs that come with working in such an international, diverse team.

But let’s allow her to make her first jump into our ENITED world of Blogs and introduce herself:

Hi there! My name is María Teresa Yagüe and I am happy to announce that I am the new member becoming part of the fantastic ENITED team! I will be assisting Ivo, Rosa and Henrik with any support they need for their projects, as well as taking over ENITED social media accounts and taking care of all administrative matters in our lovely Vienna office.

I come from a small but charming city in Spain called León (which turns out is also the hometown of one of ENITED´s owners, Rosa M. Reyero!) but spent my university years in Madrid, where I studied International Relations and Translation & Interpreting. Once finished, I worked at the Spanish Mission to the International Organizations in Vienna and in the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly in Copenhagen and (again) Vienna.

Now I am fully ready and motivated to dive in the challenging world of international business events and hope that I can learn from and contribute to ENITED as much as I can.

I cannot wait to share the idea of excellence at ENITED.