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Ivo Franschitz

I like to take the time and this blog to pick-up on my line of thoughts from December last year (The Year 2016. Through the rear-view mirror.).

It is about Connecting, Engaging and Creating solutions. Always a joint effort of people, whether a few or many, who possess first and foremost one special trait: a true passion for what they do and how they do it.

Because it always starts with the WHY.

Living in an ever-expanding and complex information world, we surely can agree that pure knowledge exists in abundance. More than we will be able to consume and digest in a lifetime. Trying to grasp it feels many times like a Sisyphean task, and a trap we do fall into over and over again.

We are always inclined to ask for the What and the How first, in an attempt to comprehend and make use of any piece of knowledge.

Yet, the most creative innovations & solutions are the result of posing the fundamental question: Why. It is the driving force for connecting the dots and gaining new perspectives. Sure enough, it does always happen in the company of people sharing a common passion, creating the special glue for building those successful networks.

ENITED Network of Excellence.

Also our Business Events industry is following in the footsteps of Sisyphus. It has become a place where often Copy & Paste solutions and a Commodity trading attitude are the new norm. There is not much room left for the passionate side of our business. For me that is very saddening and alarming, as the core of our live marketing & communication work is all about emotions and experiences.

We, at ENITED, take great pride in living that passion every day, and share it through our own network of excellence as well as our ever-increasing number of ENITED solutions. These are our answers for tomorrow’s challenges our business event industry and their stakeholders will face.

Download the current list of our ENITED Solutions. Have a look. There might also be something in it for you.

As always, we love to hear from you and appreciate your feedback.