Anna Sanchis

Size does not matter, planning does.

Anna Sanchis

When planning an event we always try to foresee all possible issues that might happen. We plan ahead in order to avoid delays with our services. We try to be one step ahead. We order our material well in advance to make sure that nothing is out of stock – although we probably have already an option B lined up, we check rules and regulations, bureaucracy procedures to avoid our items go missing. We make several site inspections and take pictures and measures of all surroundings to ensure that on “the big day” we know by heart where can you plug your phone for charging, where is the poster area, where can you have a freshly squeezed juice or, of course, where the toilets are.

It is our job to have everything under control, to give the best.

In some events, like the past 61st edition of Distripress meeting, all the checking is much needed due to the varsity of factors that could alter the outcome: an internal change within the basic structure of the organisation, a relocation of the Headquarters, a brand new software and of course, the coordination of three different centrals (London-Vienna-Dubai) … the more factors, the higher the risk.

Despite being a relatively small event (approximately 600 participants) it was a clear example on how a petite meeting turns out to be trickier to handle than a larger one. Something that might seem logic and necessary in a large congress, suddenly becomes useless on a smaller size and the other way around.

That’s why having a good team makes all the difference.

How can someone know what is the best option? Experience and only Experience can tell. Thanks to that, and some natural intuition, the meeting that looked as quicksand can end smoothly unfolding into a nice, busy week full of success.

Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

Just three days after Distripress 2016 took place, the ENITED team jumped on a plane to their next destination: EANM 2016.

In this case, we handled all housing services, over 6000 participants on the spam of a week in the beautiful city of Barcelona. Once again, we had to plan – well – ahead: being such a large congress you must expect the unexpected. This time, however, there were no surprises, no internal changes, and only minor day to day modifications on a project that developed as planned.

When you sign up for a project you never know if it will face some difficulties while on the planning, or perhaps at the execution or – in the best of scenarios – it will run smooth like silk from start to end. This is why, regardless the magnitude of the event, surrounding yourself with a team that has knowledge, hands-on-experience and ability to think fast, to find solutions and to maximise the results is indispensable to guarantee the success and satisfactory outcome of any business event.