Rosa B. Reyero Miguelez

The importance of having (good) connections.

Rosa B. Reyero Miguelez

I am one of those lucky people doing a job i really like, to the point that the more I work, the less it feels like work: I organize events.

During the past 25 years, as long as I have lived in Austria, I have organized a great number of events, for many different corporations, and for rather demanding clients. I had to turn budgets into chewing-gum consistency in order to deliver memorable events. The fact that our company is still in business after 20 years proves we have been doing things rather well. That gives me the confidence every time I have to present a pitch to win a new project, or a new client and, of course, whenever we have to present an offer to any of our long-standing clients.

Last year our company joined 27Names, a European network of leading live communication agencies and one of the first thing we have to do is to organize the first of three annual meetings, for 2019. When you have to organise an event for your peers, knowing you will be closely watched, evaluated and judged by twenty-one professionals in the field, the prospective makes you a bit shaky. Expectations are high, and our agency’s reputation was on the line.

We decided to hold the first meeting of 2019 in January, in the lovely Austrian town of Innsbruck. Not being the city where ENITED’s headquarter is located, and also not where we mostly operate our event projects, it added somehow a bit of extra worries about whether the locations, restaurants and program were going to be up to the standards of the 27Names partners.

Now that the meeting has been done, this blog is actually a big “thank you” to all those people who made the event memorable.

I will start thanking the Innsbruck Convention Bureau team who helped us choose the right locations, welcomed the participants in stile and showed the best face of the incredible Innsbruck to us. Thanks to the representatives of the venues where we held our meetings, the extraordinary Swarovski Kristallwelten team, the Nordkette Bergbahnen and the friendly Seegrube staff. They all contributed to GREAT (wink, wink at you guys) two days of Meetings.

Of course, I can’t take credit for the amazing views we had during our stay in Innsbruck, nor for the huge amount of snow covering the mountains surrounding Innsbruck, but this was definitely some extra points we could add to the whole experience.

Thank you Anna Sanchis and Ivo Franschitz, my ENITED co-organising partners for your great support.

And finally a big thanks to the partners and friends from 27Names.

The Oval Office (BE), Creative Pro (CZ, SK), Brand Venue (DK), Jolos (EE), Lataamo (FI), Magic Garden (FR), Concept X (DE), Verve (IE), Ideju Instituts (LV), Mediation (LU), Fieldwork (NO), UPpartner (PT), Maximice (RU), Agencija Promo (SI), BE ON (ES), Utsikt (SE), BVR (NL), and our new member BO Event (HU).

Thank you all for your positive feedback about the Innsbruck meeting, and for being such a nice group. It was a pleasure having you in Innsbruck, and for having ENITED as part of your great organisation.

We are proud to belong to