Ivo Franschitz

Transparency, for real.

Ivo Franschitz

For the last ten years, one buzzword (“Unwort” in German) has been part of almost any of my personal conversation with clients and suppliers alike. It has been the hot topic of many discussions and lectures. And it has served as the top argument of the alleged “Good guys” in our Business events industry. Transparency.

Without exception, everybody on the market’s demand side sees the continuous need for transparency, as mandatory criteria in their call for tenders or request for proposal (RFP). And like the nodding dog toy on the rear window shelf of your car, the supply side keeps on promising it every single time. Sometimes it is meant in all honesty and other times as a lip service only.

By definition, transparency is the capacity of outsiders to obtain valid and timely information about the activities of government or private organizations. We all agree on the definition. But let’s face it, in our real business life it is very rarely achieved, for a multitude of reasons and mostly excuses.

The big question remains. Why is true transparency so difficult to find?

Because transparency is neither a single feature nor a standardized application, but the sum of a simple formula.

Invested time + Relationship of trust = Transparency.

In addition, it needs the genuine and equal involvement from both sides, supply & demand.

Of course, there are always some suppliers who want to make a quick buck and see any business as a one-night stand. And there are many clients who cannot or do not care about it, as it would go beyond their job description within their organisation.

So what’s the chance?

Nowadays, many of our live communication efforts and business events have a substantial economic impact, with a great number of players involved, which are depending from each other. They also have an obligation towards many stakeholders and a responsibility to the society in general.

Hence, there is no alternative but to invest that extra time and to build those relationships of trust. Yes, even if it means that some of us need to reset their chip or update their business model to the latest version.

When the demand side of the market finally accepts that they are in need of services and not only graciously bestowing their potential business upon the supplier, and when they stop considering only answers and solutions which fit their preconceived opinions …

When the supply side finally takes the courage to get out of the rat race, stop doing business just for the sake of business and change their “the client is always right” business approach …

When both sides finally do not see purely the costs but the value of the services requested and delivered, when both invest the necessary time to build a business relationship of trust and mutual understanding …

… then we will reach what we have been seeking for some time, at the end of the rainbow. No, it’s not the Irish leprechaun and a hidden pot of gold, but true transparency.

For almost 20 years now, at ENITED, we have invested the necessary time to build and maintain that relationship with all our clients and partner, resulting in the transparency we all desire and value.

Our latest ENITED solution is again another proof that we live and perform according to those business principles.

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